Lab 12 Gordian

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En strömlist med passivt nätfilter. Lab12 egen strömkabel KNACK ingår.
Mycket omfattande mätfunktioner. 6 uttag.

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[……..] In summary, the Greek conditioner is not a device with which you can fine-tune the sound of your system by stretching it in one direction or another. Its main task is to protect connected devices and effectively filter the current. In the sphere of sound, this involves a thorough cleaning of the background, which translates into better clarity, stereo and a sense of increased power reserve. The producer claims that Gordian does not worsen the dynamics. I would say that it even improves it, adding a bit of depth and power, especially in the low frequency range [………..]

Gordian is a device that I have not seen in my career yet. I have seen similar ones – bigger, heavier, more expensive and more mysterious, shrouded in a fog of mysticism, but I have not yet dealt with a conditioner so intelligent, technically advanced and breaking all the rules. […….]

If the Gordian had a chassis three times larger and heavier, and it had been made by one of the world’s leading hi-end amplifier manufacturers, many audiophiles would have paid 10,000 dollars for it, by the way, ordering a few cables for the same amount[…….]

I recommend that you at least rent a Gordian and play with it for a few days. There is a good chance that you will join the ranks of customers who have not returned it anymore.

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Vikt 5 kg
Dimensioner 500 × 350 × 250 mm

Matt Svart, Silver Gloss, Silver Pearl, Matt Grå