Rel Acoustics Bassline Blue

5.200 kr - 7.500 kr
En kabel optimerad för kvalité från Rel Acoustics för deras Subwoofers!
En kabel för dig som använder din Rel till musiklyssning och vill få ännu bättre musikalisk sammankoppling till din högtalare och musikaliskt/instrumentellt innehåll från din REL Subwoofer. Bassline Blue™ is a sensibly-dimensioned cable, well-constructed so that it will improve the overall sound of every aspect of the host system’s performance. As with any REL product—the improvement extends well beyond the obvious bass region. The greatest area of improvement lies in the manner in which the entire soundstage is illuminated. This is a quality quite different from brightness. Illumination acts to bring light into the stage and renders contrast and clarity as well as dynamic shadings much more evident.