There are always many questions about the products. Entreq's grounding products do not in any way replace the safety earth.They help to drain the earth from disturbing high-frequency noise, power voltages and magnetic fields that spread both between your own hi-fi products but also from all other devices inside and outside your own home. The aim is, for example, to remove the feeling of a blanket between the listener and the music, increasing resolution and a connected musical time flow.

  1. How to use Entreq's grounding? You take an earth box and connect an Eartha cable to the back of the earth box. The other end is connected to a free connector on the product you wish to drain. Entreq offers all kinds of connectors.
  2. How to choose your grounding box? Today's top products, the Tungsten series, are the result of Mr Entreq's (my nickname) inquisitive mind and constant experimentation. A brief summary will help you understand this amazing evolution he has undergone and how to think when selecting your own Entreq system.
    • Initially, he created a small, a large and a giant earth box. Here he learned 2 things: from the big box he learned that the drainage effect can be too strong. It needs to be matched against the product where its weight is a clue, more on that later. And experiments showed that the digital is best separated from the analog.
    • Entreq then developed soil boxes with separate parts, such as my old favourite, Poseidon, which was divided into 3 separate parts. Here I thought the ideal was achieved. However, he discovered that the Poseidon's 3 parts were only separated and not isolated from each other. The parts benefited from each other. They lost control of the power of the ground cleaner and the separation of the digital and analogue was not optimal... The conclusion was to isolate, not just separate, the boxes from each other.
    • Entreq solves this in the new phenomenal Tungsten series. Firstly, the Tungsten blend is superior to the older ones. The series consists of 2 basic units which then form the building blocks for the larger systems: the Pluton, Multitan Ten and Hero. I will draw up guidelines, not absolute truths, for what they are capable of.
      • The smallest, Ten Tungsten has a drain plug and can be connected via Eartha cable to 2 products. Ten Tungsten weighs 2 kg and is suitable for products with a total weight of 1-10 kg.
      • Infinity Olympus Tungsten has 2 drain contacts and can be connected via Eartha cable to a maximum of 4 products. It weighs 9 kg and is suitable for products that together weigh between 4.5-45kg. This ground box is so powerful that, in a compromise situation, it is better able to mix digital and analogue than the previous boxes.
      • Then we come to the advanced boxes: the Pluton - Hero and the Multiten Ten. All three systems consist of combinations of Ten Tungsten and Infinity Olympus Tungsten boxes, all isolated from each other!
      • Pluto; 3 isolated Olympus Infinity Tungsten.
      • Hero; 5 Infinity Olympus Tungsten isolated from each other and a Cleanus Tungsten that plugs into a wall socket and, in simple terms, drains both power and earth. The earth boxes can be connected together with a T-link cable to increase the power level.
      • Multiten Ten; 10pcs Ten Tungsten + 1 Cleanus. Again, the separate Ten Tungsten boxes can be linked together as needed using T-Link cables to achieve the drainage force needed to find tight balance.

It pays to try out which products are the most profitable to drain. The usual electronics are of course obvious. Not least the amplifier's negative speaker connectors to access both amplifier and speakers. DAC, computer, streamer, router etc. And don't forget Entreq's own products such as racks, power strips and cleanus which all have an attachment point for an Eartha cable.