Russel K. - Never Ever Stop Dancing

Russell K. makes a series of remarkable speakers based on a BBC principle of the living box. It really shows in his creations. When most others are looking for a silent and motionless box, Russell K. does the opposite. If you put your hand on the box, you feel it vibrate and come alive. It's just like the musical rendition. It is really alive and "vibrant" as can be said in English. Very appealing and hilarious. When it comes to the floorstanding speakers, the RED 50 and especially for the RED 100, you need to be aware of choosing the right type of stand. They must not be stiff! Then you kill the speakers. NOTE! Russell K. himself has made a stand specifically designed for the RED 100. It has a stable base and a permissive top so the speaker can move freely to solve this problem. Matching to the environment and his person.