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Ifi Audio LAN-iSilencer

1.199 kr

Ideal for those who use LAN cable

It removes electrical noise from the network and lowers the noise floor and interference. Use with your router, switch or directly in the wall socket for Ethernet. How much benefit it provides is certainly dependent on how "dirty" your own Ethernet signal is to begin with. Likewise, it can vary from system to system i.e. how sensitive it is.

Ifi Audio SPDIF iPurifier2

2.499 kr
New upgraded version of the SPDIF iPurifier2. Convert optical TOS to RCA coax or vice versa. AND!
  • ♦Reclocks with their 10MHz Global Master Femto Clock.
  • ♦ Recovers the DAC signal with full galvanic isolation.
  • ♦ Restores the signal with a reduction of electromagnetic interference from ambient and current.
  • ♦Recreates with new clean power from supplied ifi iPower.

IFI Audio iSilencer3.0

799 kr
Ideal for products that connect to the USB port such as computer servers, hard drives, mixing desks, etc. 1. reduces RFI/EMI noise by up to 40 times. 2. reduces jitter + information errors 3. rebalances the USB signal 4. USB3.0 (backward compatible)