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Larsen 8

34.990 kr
Larsen 8 is a unique 2.5-way loudspeaker that is truly designed to be placed against the wall with all the practical benefits it brings. So it utilises the acoustics of the room. It has two 7-inch drivers with bass down to 23Hz and three tweeters. It has a sensitivity of 88dB which makes it compatible even with lower power amplifiers.  

Larsen 9

119.990 kr
The Larsen 9 is a sophisticated speaker model and Larsen Hifi's new top model. It is designed to be placed against the wall and work with the room's acoustics, not against it, creating a very wide sweet spot and high WAF (Woman Acceptance Factor), meaning it fits well into most interiors and lifestyles. The model can also be special ordered in any NCS colour. Please get in touch.

Larsen Hifi 6

17.990 kr
The Larsen 6 is a compact floorstanding speaker that utilises advanced design and technology to create a robust and neutral sound stage. Featuring the same high-quality bass and tweeter as the Larsen 8, the Larsen 6 offers deep and accurate bass down to 26Hz and clean, authentic midrange and treble performance. Designed for easy installation against a wall, the design eliminates complex setup variables and allows for impressive sound quality without having to move furniture around in the listening room.

Larsen SC

8.990 kr
Larsen SCis a series of speakers designed as surround and centre speakers, adapted to match the Larsen 4, Larsen 6 and Larsen 8, equipped with the same drivers as their respective counterparts to produce a more homogeneous sound in surround sound applications. The drivers are placed on top of each other for greater dispersion, creating an even wider listening area. Larsen SC is recommended to be placed under a flat screen TV or a projector as a centre speaker, with the driver units facing upwards. As an ambient speaker, it can be placed on a wall with its clever suspension mechanism facing almost any direction, depending on your listening room layout.

Rel Acoustics Classic 98

18.490 kr
The Classic 98 from REL Acoustics is a perfect blend of retro charm and modern technology. Inspired by the golden age of stereo systems, this subwoofer combines the aesthetics of previous generations with today's technological advances. Watch the introductory video on youtube

Rel Acoustics No.32

137.000 kr


The masterpiece!

Representing all the subwoofer knowledge that Rel Acoustics has built up over the years! It offers 1,000W with 15" carbon fibre elements in a box that alone takes three weeks to complete. The remote control REL Reference Remote Control is of course included. read more in the tabs below

Rel Acoustics No. 31

97.000 kr

Rel Acoustics No.31 is the subwoofer for those who don't really have room for No.32.

The No. 31 is created from the remarkable No.32 but with a newly developed 12" (350mm) carbon fibre element It features the classic Reference filter, the same dual parametric filter and a driver that can handle three times more power to deliver a truly thrilling experience with its 900W. Rule's own remote control is included. Read more in the tabs below

Rel Acoustics 212/SX

62.000 kr

For those who need the power perhaps for both Stereo and large home theater

This combination of being able to shake the room when needed but also reproduce the subtle, 3-dimensional tone content is a delight. Getting 1000W and 2x 12" active elements (2 passive) to work for the music, to give even acoustic instruments such as bass tuba, 5-string double basses, grand piano low tones etc is respect!

REL Acoustics Carbon Special subwoofer

51.000 kr
Rels Carbon Special: sounds like a bigger sub and reacts with the same speed as a smaller one. The internal suspension has been tuned to take advantage of the carbon fibre's ultra-light and fast diaphragm, generating greater dynamics, speed and explosiveness as the diaphragm's stiffness also silences faster. Prepared for Airship. Huge power resource with its 1.000W. Can be placed on top of each other. Read more in the tabs below

Rel Acoustics S/812

38.000 kr

Rel Acoustics' award-winning S/812.

The S/812 from REL is a subwoofer that takes REL's medium chassis concept to reference-like levels of performance with style, beauty and devastating power. It delivers incredible levels of all-round performance for both music and film, giving customers a taste of what their reference models offer, and doing so at a fraction of the cost.

Rel Acoustics S/510

31.000 kr
The Rel Acoustics S/510 is a top-of-the-line subwoofer, equipped with a 10-inch active and 12-inch passive unit, powered by a 500W amplifier. It has both high and low level inputs, and a unique stackable design for increased performance. A subwoofer with elegant looks and powerful sound. Read more in the tabs below.

Rel Acoustics T/9x

18.990 kr
Rel Acoustics new and upgraded version T/9x. The T/x series is immediately recognised as sharper, fresher and a complete upgrade. It has now taken a step closer to the S series. Finished in black and white. Read more in the tabs below.