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Ansuz Mainz P2 1.0 - 1m

12.000 kr

Used Ansuz Mainz P2 1.0

Length 1m. Original box available.

Isotek Optimum EVO3 - 2m, Used

7.000 kr
Used Isotek Optimum EVO3. Length 2m.

Isotek Syncro EVO3 - 2m, Used

15.000 kr
Used Isotek Syncro EVO3 - 2m. Very advanced cable from Isotek. Specially designed to adjust the height of the sine wave so that it is correct.

Triangle Genesis Trio (Used)

8.990 kr
Trio Genese, used tripod speakers from Triangle, in excellent condition and sounding very good. Sensitivity: 90 dB Impedance: minimum 4.4 ohms, nominal 8 ohms Frequency range: 45 - 20.000 Hz at +- 3dB Width: 233mm Height: 465mm Depth: 372mm Weight: 10 Kg Prepared for Bi-wiring for those who wish. Finish: Black, piano lacquered

Line Magnetic LM-845IA Used with high quality tubes

25.000 kr

Captured LM-845 in very nice condition

It has all the original tubes left plus the following very nice upgrade of the tubes: -Mullard EL34 XF1: Mullard EL34 - XF1 are relatively rare and highly sought after for their smooth midrange and powerful headroom. -Matsushita GZ34: The Matsushita GZ34 is a DC tube from the early 80s and made by Mullard's machines, making it equivalent to the Mullard GZ34. -Shuguang WE845: Power tube that plays with authority and high detail and with good musical properties. Remote control and tube cover included. 3 months warranty.