T/9i RED Ltd. Edition

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Rel Acoustics storsäljare nu i Ferrari rött!

“We spent 14 months working on this, first to obtain the correct and accurate paint codes (not easy), then working with a local painter to determine how many and what primer coats needed to be used to get it to read the exact hue since spraying MDF yields a totally different look than spraying metal. And at $585/gallon it’s not cheap. So 2 coats of primer and 5 coats of perfection.

Then we couldn’t just paint our best-selling T/9i red, everything has to balance. So, of course we had to do a triple-chromed badge, but then it looked lonely on top so I had to whip up a true carbon fibre bezel to smooth the transition between that hot latin red and the Roy-Brizio-would-approve-of-it chrome badge. And then stepping back from that, the stock feet looked ridiculous so I had to create a carbon fibre sleeve that wraps all the way around each foot. After that, we all stepped back and just smiled. And ordered ones for ourselves. You should too.

Most of the time, you guys think we’re kidding when we say this is a limited edition and you wait. Well, go ahead and wait but don’t wait more than twenty minutes, these will be gone. Extremely limited availability.!


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Vikt 19 kg
Dimensioner 500 × 450 × 400 mm