Lindstrom Audio

Lindstrom Audio - Close to live with open baffle

It's a fascinating series of speakers that Lindström Audio has in the works. I have now heard both the ISO 85 and had a weekend listening session at Lindström with the model that will be premiered at the Gothenburg Fair in October. I heard Lindström himself say, already about the ISO 85, that they let out what you put in. I'm usually very sceptical about such a statement. But I've never found it more accurate. It's remarkable what a range the speakers exhibit depending on "what you put in". So you can adapt them to your own taste. Likewise, I'm fascinated by the musical range they exhibit. They have as much facility for classical music as the Death Core genre. Although of course the larger speaker reaches even further, not least when it comes to the more complex classical music with a large orchestra. Another very appealing aspect is their ability to both exhibit a sweet spot but also to offer a musical experience outside the sweet spot. Very grateful. Thanks to their energy dispersion, perhaps because the design is such that the bass is completely silent at the back of the speaker and only disperses forward and to the sides. you disturb the surroundings and neighbours much less. It doesn't punch through walls and ceilings. Moreover, the material he uses, solid-coloured HDF, is thankful, so it is quite insensitive to shocks as it does not leave marks that can be seen from a distance.

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